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Ever since I can remember, I was always being fascinated with the heavens above me.  Several of my other hobbies as allow me to increase my interest in Astronomy. I hope this website will help guide you on your way to the heavens.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.  Ps 19:1 (NIV)

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Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) Projects

Scopes & Mounts
  • 67mm Refractor - A 500mm T-mount camera lens converted into a telescope.
  • 4.5 inch Reflector - Built from a surplus reflector kit from the Surplus Shed.
  • 6 inch Reflector - The scope is motorize for general viewing.    Scope is finished.  The mount is under construction.
  • 10 inch Reflector -  The scope is for more serious viewing.   The scope is finished.  The mount is being constructed.     
  • Copyscope - A small refractor build from a copier lens?
  • Simple Refractors  - I brought the lenses from a fellow club member.  Hoping to build two small refractors.

Other ATM Stuff
  • Light Duty Parallelogram Binocular Mount - This Simple Parallelogram Mount for small to medium size binoculars and small telescopes.
  • Heavy Duty Parallelogram Binocular Mount - For my 25x100's binoculars.  A new tripod and a four arm Parallelogram mount.
  • Double Arm Barn Door - Use for Astrophotography.  Sometimes prefer to as a "Scotch Mount".  This unit is based on Stephen Tonkin's Double Arm Scotch Mount

Downloadable Software
  • SolarSys.exe -  A DOS program to compute the position of the Sun, Moon and the planets to +/- one arc seconds in most cases.   The program's output can be read by Mel Bartel's Scope Program.   The program can run on 486SX, 486Dx and Pentium computers.
  • Comets.exe -  A DOS program to compute the position of selected comets.  The program's output can be read by Mel Bartel's Scope Program.  The program will run on 486SX, 486DX and Pentium computers.
  • Latest Comet Orbit Elements for Comets.exe - Cmt.Txt - This is an external link. You will need to rename the file to "Cmt.txt".
  • Newtonian Scope Design - Newt25

Astronomy Stuff
  • Stillwater Stargazers - My local astronomy club.  I'm currently the President of the club.  Our club is associated with Brukner Nature Center (BNC) near Troy, Ohio.  Our meetings are at 7:30 pm on every third Tuesday of the month.  On every third Saturday of the month, we host a public stargaze at the Nature Center following the Night Hike.  See BNC's calendar for times.
  • SkyMap Pro - My favorite planetarium program.  Created by Chris Marriott

  •  Trailer Lights - A diagram I drew up to help me fixed my trailer lights.  It uses a flat 4 connector.

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