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Light Duty Parallelogram Binocular Mount

     After looking around on the Internet at various commercially made binocular mounts, I finally decided that I wanted to build my own mount.  My biggest desire was to be able to laid down on a lounger and look up thru the binoculars.   Most of the mounts that I looked at did not lend themselves to my desired viewing method.  I discovered that I wanted my mount to be station behind the lounger.  This way, I could lower the binoculars from their stow position to my eyes to observe and rise them up to stow them.  With the binoculars up and out of my way, I will be able to consult maps and write observations from the comfort of the lounger.

     However, I also to be able to take the mount to my club's public stargazes and use it like a regular parallelogram mount.  Could I design one mount to do both functions?   So it was back to the web for some ideas from other mount builders.  I needed a mount where the binoculars can go from horizontal to well pass vertical.  Unfortunately, I could not find suitable solution to adapt. 

     On a warm summer night, I was viewing something with my binoculars on my tripod, I realize a binocular mount was a tripod except it moves up and down.  Then it hit me, use a tripod head to hold the binoculars on the mount.  So, I grab my Bogen ball head and mounted my Orion binocular adapter on it.  Great!  Oops, one problem.  It does not go past vertical if the base of the ball head is sitting horizontal to the ground.  But, it will go past vertical if I tilt the base.  Great!  Since tripod heads are easy remove from a tripod, I decided to make the mount so I can attach the ball head either horizontally or vertical.  Better yet, if I mount it on my tripod, I could arrange it in any orientation I needed to for viewing.


Binoculars are in their normal position to look over the mount.

I'm on my lounger and looking near straight up through the binoculars.

There it is with my 67 mm refractor on it.

The Plans, The Plans!  Sheet One,  Sheet TwoSheet ThreeSheet Four.

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